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Support for pupils and parents in primary schools in relation to mental and emotional wellbeing

Recovery college Online

Providing a range of online information to people who might be struggling with mental health issues. There is a section for under 12 and parents and carers (

Key stage 2 pupils may benefit form a NHS suggested apps to support mental health. This would need a parent / carer approval


Support for Children

Childline has the calm zone which provides a toolbox of ideas to support emotions and express your ways

Childline also provides a range of information and support on a number of issues. This includes support on cyberbullying 

It is also important to stay physically active



The Go To Website

North Yorkshire specific website that provides information to help signpost young people, families and professionals to the right information and services available for mental health and wellbeing across North Yorkshire. The website has been developed in conjunction with young people, professionals and parents and carers.

North Yorkshire services and support

Information on the universal, targeted and specialist services and support available in the different districts of North Yorkshire and access to the North Yorkshire Pathway of support for children and young people with self harming behaviour and/or suicidal ideation

Internet safety- Children and Young People may be having more screen time so it is important that they keep themselves safe online and parents and carers have an important role in this.

Internet matters provides a range of support for families to enable all family members to stay safe.

Our School Rules

You may find it helpful to ask children to follow our school rules during home learning time.

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