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Jo Witney

I have been a parent governor at Airy Hill Community Primary School for the last 4 years and have a daughter who is about to start year 6. My son also attended Airy Hill and will be starting his GCSE courses in year 9 at Caedmon.

I have had a variety of roles whilst being a governor, including being link governor to Early Years, SEN link governor and being on the School Improvement Committee. One of the most enjoyable tasks I have been involved with is being on the staffing panel and helping to recruit new teachers for the school ,including most recently the new Head Teacher !. I have learned an incredible amount about what it takes to make a school work and about how much work the teachers put in behind the scenes to make learning fun and exciting for the children. Clearly the most important thing is team work and good communication, but I know I still have much to learn.

My background is in art, my husband and I have our own small signwriting business in Whitby. We have been here for 15 years and in that time we have tackled a variety of projects, including mural and banner painting, land art, backdrops for museum display and mosaic. A couple of years ago I created the large mosaic for the front of Airy Hill school, using the ideas and designs the children had come up with. It was a huge undertaking and took almost a year to complete. I hope it will be in place for many years.

When I am not painting, I also have a part time job working for the National Trust in Robin Hood’s Bay at the Old Coastguard Station Visitor centre. Part of the role is to take school children out onto the beach for guided rockpooling  and fossil hunting sessions. How lucky am I to get paid for something that I have enjoyed doing since I was a child !