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Geography IQ Test: How Much Do You Know About The World ...

At Airy Hill, we intend for all pupils to have high level map reading, a high level understanding of geographical features both naturally occurring and man-made. Children should be aware of the fragility of our planet and understand human impact and their responsibility in sustaining the environment.

Field study is a crucial part of understanding geography. Children in year 4 and 6 are given the opportunity to enrich their understanding on residential trips. Children in other year groups are encouraged to explore outside in our diverse location. Clear links are made to our science curriculum and forest school. Our carefully structured curriculum allows children to build on their learning as they progress through the key stages.

Regardless of attainment level in core subjects pupils are encouraged to be actively involved in all aspects of teaching and learning. The intended outcome by the end of year 6 is that pupils will have a solid understanding of their geographical surroundings, where they fit in the world at large and have a robust set of skills for map reading, navigation and sustainable living.