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St Anselms Catholic Primary School - Curriculum Overview

Dream Believe Aspire Achieve

At Airy Hill Primary School, we are committed that every child will receive a broad, balanced and inspiring learning experience whilst being determined to provide an ambitious education which, for all pupils, includes clear progression of skills and knowledge, continual challenge and regular opportunity for problem solving.

We create positive, calm and purposeful environments of high challenge and low stress through having clear understanding and acceptance of the needs of all pupils within school and through ensuring our teaching and modelling of personal, social and emotional development is a core element of all lessons and curriculum planning.

All of the learning which takes place here is coherently planned and sequenced with regards to skill and knowledge progression with a focus on pupil engagement, process and substance. Learning opportunities are planned to be discussion rich, offer time for reasoning, reflection and evaluation and provide time for pupils to work cooperatively and respect different opinions. As a school we have developed a progressive, long term plan for all of our year groups which outlines the key learning and skill development which will occur each term, within each subject and be adapted to meet the needs of all pupils. Teachers are then provided with half a day each half-term to develop their own medium-term planning so that it is progressive, builds upon each cohort’s current abilities and skills and is tailored to meet individual needs. Learning occurs within whole-class environments for all children and each area of the curriculum’s planning is based upon a vocabulary rich, class novel. This enables teachers to provide all children with high quality teaching, challenge and the opportunity to excel whilst demonstrating the school’s high standards towards pupil engagement, motivation, self-acceptance and determination.

As a result, we strive towards enabling children to develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and facilitate learners to become actively engaged in their learning through listening, questioning, responding and thinking, enabling us to develop independence and personal responsibility towards learning.

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