The Importance of Writing

Airy Hill Primary School is committed to:

Developing fluent and creative writers

Developing a love of literature

Closing the language gap

At Airy Hill, writing is taught 4 days a week for 55 minutes each session. All writing is linked directly to the children’s whole class reading text, supporting them to explore a variety of genres whilst being immersed in an engaging curriculum.

When writing, children are provided with learning ladders which provide a step-by-step overview of how they will reach their goal. Within this, the children develop a secure understanding of the purpose and audience of their writing unit. They then follow the following process before publishing their work.

  • Reading activities linked to the genre and topic
  • Learning of new and relevant grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Planning
  • Drafting where application of the new learning occurs
  • Redrafting and editing

When learning new knowledge, practicing skills and securing previous understanding within a written context, we use our grammar, punctuation and spelling progression document to ensure we are planning in a way which challenges our children each day. Please see our English progression document attached.  To enable the children to challenge themselves, we have created sentence types linked directly to aims within the National Curriculum. If you wish to support your child with their writing at home, please download the documents below.

Online Writing Document

Vocabulary Progression Document

Sentence Mats to Support Writing

Sentence Progression at Airy Hill

Sentence Types Slides

Writing Grids

Click here to view the Year 2 Grid

Click here to view the Year 3 Grid

Click here to view the Year 4 Grid

Click here to view the Year 5 Grid

Click here to view the Year 6 Grid