Behaviour at Airy Hill Primary School

At Airy Hill, we have three simple school rules that are the same for all children including nursery.

The three school rules are:

Be kind

Be Safe

Be Ready

We tackle low-level disruption by giving small reasonable consequences for small failures to follow reasonable instructions.

If pupils don’t follow our reasonable and clearly explained instructions, we have some steps:

1. Verbal warning.

2. Written warning

3. 1 minute of lost playtime (pupils can lose a maximum of 3 minutes- this is when a restorative conversation will happen)

4. Reset time in another classroom if they have already accrued 3 minutes.

Reset Time

This gives the pupil time to reflect on their behaviour.  The length of time the pupil is given will depend upon the age and stage of development of the pupil.

For more serious behaviour, such as swearing or hurting another pupil, reset time will be applied immediately.


Verbal praise


Airy Hill Badge


Behaviour points

Phone call home


We love our weekly celebration assembly to which parents and carers of winning pupils are invited. There is a ‘Airy Award’ badge for each class, which progresses from Bronze to Gold and a special Headteacher’s Award.  To be considered for these awards, pupils must have 100% attendance for the week, and must live the Airy Hill Characteristics.


We have a strict zero-tolerance approach to bullying. We work proactively with children through half termly anti-bullying assemblies and with support from our trained up team of ‘Anti-bullying ambassadors’.


Any serious incidents are always recorded with statements taken from all children involved. Whenever possible we resolve these incidents within school and then inform parents so that they can be followed up at home. Occasionally we have to ask parents to come into school for a meeting to discuss next steps to support children’s future behaviour.