Airy Hill is committed to providing our pupils with a rounded and cohesive knowledge and understanding of our world – of how periods of history together with geographic location and features influence the development of civilisation and culture. Our pupils will recognise the influence and importance of early civilisations and discovery on our modern world and current technology. Our ever advancing technology allows us to delve more deeply into history and deepen our understanding.

A carefully planned, progressive and sequenced curriculum allows pupils to appreciate the passage of time, the significance of time periods and individuals and the importance of ancient civilizations. Pupils explore historical context by using a range of source materials and are given opportunity to enrich their learning through school visits. Teachers are supported in their planning to ensure continuation and progression for each pupil.

Regardless of attainment level in core subjects pupils are encouraged to be actively involved in all aspects of teaching and learning. The intended outcome by the end of year 6 is that pupils will have a solid understanding of significant periods of history and how they fit together and their impact on modern times

Local History Week