At Airy Hill, we are committed to ensuring our children are prepared for the developing world. Our approach to the computing curriculum encourages children to develop an understanding of how technology is used to make a difference in school-life, work-life and home-life. We believe children should cultivate computing skills that can be carefully applied in a range of different situations, with increasing independence.

Our school computing plan shows progression through the Key Stages to guarantee that the children will become confident in the application of their own digital skills, efficient and effective communicators and collaborators – while showing imagination and creativity in their use of technology, on their journey through school and their life beyond school. We use ‘Rising Stars – SwitchedOn Computing’ as a scheme of work, to ensure children are provided with the opportunity to improve a wide range of skills and experiences.

The computing curriculum is broken down into 6 main areas; algorithms, programming and development, data and data representation, hardware and processing, communications and networks, and information technology. The coverage of each of these areas will vary from each year group but will build upon on the knowledge from the previous year. Computing is primarily taught as discrete lessons to allow the children sufficient time to learn and develop each skill. However, we do plan for cross-curricular links and computing does support many other areas, allowing us to teach integrated lessons. These links are covered in our Long Term Plan at Airy Hill; allowing us to promote the transferability of the computing skills. Following this particular scheme and using the many excellent resources provided, allows the children to constantly receive quality first teaching from our staff team, our range of technology equipment also supports the teaching and learning for all children.

The computing scheme focuses strongly on the importance of e-safety and by following this, we know the children are regularly being taught about online safety and not only the great opportunities technology and computing can provide but also the dangers. We have frequent assemblies to also outline the risks and ways in which we can remain safe and protected.

As a result of following this carefully structured, ambitious scheme of work, our children will be able to embrace current and emerging technologies and confidently use these to develop their individual skills in computer science.