The Importance of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Airy Hill Primary School is committed to:

  • Developing creative writers who can write with accuracy
  • Exposing children to high level vocabulary
  • Ensuring children have a secure understanding of their learning and can apply this in wider contexts

Our approach to teaching spelling and grammar is based on high-quality phonics teaching in EYFS and KS1, by supporting children in understanding morphology, spelling strategies, the orthographic nature of words, patterns, word origins, common exception words and personal spellings. We have high expectations of pupils’ application of skills and presentation.

Spelling, punctuation and is taught daily in discrete 20 minute lessons and is also taught as part of all English units, ensuring children are developing their skills in context with purpose.

Each week, children will bring home a copy of their spelling rule however these will not be tested weekly. Assessments will be made based on pupil application of all spelling, punctuation and grammar skills across the curriculum. Please speak to your child’s class teacher for their weekly spellings.