Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Every student is unique and we shouldn’t be bullied because of that,”

“If you’re being bullied don’t be afraid to speak out.”

“I like coming to school every day!”

Anti-bullying Ambassadors 2019


Airy Hill’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are children who have put themselves forward as role models for friendly and safe behaviour, in and around school. One child from each year group is selected and this changes every academic year.

As ambassadors, the children are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where we all feel happy, supported and safe. Having the ambassadors provides our pupils with another person, in the learning environment, that is trustworthy and can make them feel comfortable and happy at school.

We meet regularly to nominate class members for ‘Friendship Awards’; we carry out surveys (which we created as a team), across the school, to get a range of ‘Pupil Voice’ about individual knowledge on bullying and also current feelings towards school; we take part in assemblies; we wear hi-visibility vests on the playground so children can find us when they need us; and we organise and plan activities to promote good, friendly behaviour. We promote friendly behaviour and kindness and our Ambassadors are passionate about this.