School Staff

Meet the staff at our school!

Leadership at Airy Hill Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs C Matthewman

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C Yates

Early Years Leader: Mrs K Payne

SENCo: Mr A Meynell

Class Teachers

Year 6: Mrs C Yates

Year 5: Miss H Worthington & Mrs E Burns

Year 4: Mr P Armstrong

Year 3: Miss P Stewart

Year 2: Miss L Thorpe

Year 1: Miss E Locker

Reception: Mrs K Payne

The children are also supported by our dedicated team of Teaching Assistants, Early Years Practitioners and Midday Supervisors and Support Staff

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Savage

Miss L Mayo

Mrs M Frankland

Mrs P Stewart

Mrs F Marr

Mrs D Harcourt

Ms N Priestley

Mrs D Digby

Miss R Estill

Mrs G Backhouse

Mrs P Britton

Early Years Practitioners

Mrs J Dale

Mrs S Spark

Mrs K Melton

Midday Supervisors

Mrs S Humble

Mrs C Wilson

Miss A Broll

Mrs S King

Mrs P Britton

Kitchen Staff

Mrs M Storr

Mrs W Kelly

Mrs A Tate

School Administrators

Mrs J Harland School

Mrs C Unger-Bloor

School Caretaker

Mr T Gladders


Mrs B Buck

Mrs J Barron


No time has been taken this year by staff who are union officials.