Attendance Ambassadors

Introducing our Attendance Ambassadors

At Airy Hill we have introduced Attendance Ambassadors, to not only improve attendance throughout school but to enable our pupils to role model outstanding school attendance and give a sense of responsibility to them ensuring that they can take ownership of class attendance and punctuality.

Attendance Ambassadors are chosen by their class peers and teachers and take part in monthly sessions with Miss Green to enable them to confidently discuss outstanding school attendance with their peers.

Attendance Ambassadors will be presented with badges and are able to wear these with pride throughout the course of the programme.  In addition to this, they will be invited support the Head Teacher and School Attendance Lead on the gates to promote punctuality at school.

Last week our Attendance Ambassadors met with Miss Green to start work on our “Attend and Achieve” programme, looking at ways we can promote and encourage attendance and punctuality.  We discussed why being at school “on time, all the time”, is important.  We updated our Attendance Matters display board in the hall and looked at what competitions and incentive programmes children would like to see……watch this space!