Eve Locker Pen Portrait

Eve Locker:

My background is not quite as experienced and varied as many of the other governors. I went all through school wanting to be a teacher and, when I completed 6th form, I was more desperate than ever to rush off to university and begin my teacher training. Before this big venture, I worked hard in local cafes and got myself a job at Botham’s Bakery for six years (working weekends and holidays).

After receiving my positive A-level results, I attended the University of Cumbria, located in Carlisle. I learnt a lot about myself during my time away from home. I discovered my passion for things and also met some great people that supported my passions. I have a deep determination to do well and always wanted to take part in anything extra that university offered me. As final year drew closer, I began thinking about job opportunities and my future. I absolutely love my hometown and knew I wanted to come back to Whitby and work locally.

Thankfully for my mother and locality, I managed to arrange my final placement at Airy Hill Community Primary School. I moved back home for good and began my summer placement. As luck would have it, a job opened up at Airy Hill and I got it. Every day I feel privileged to live in my hometown and work in the primary school that my three brothers and I attended not so many years ago.

I have a big family, which are fantastic! We are all very alike; hilarious sense of humour, outdoorsy, brave and determined. I have grown up watching my mum, dad and my older brothers work very hard in everything that they have ever done. I like to think I have set the same example for my younger brother too. I definitely wish to have a big family of my own one day, filled with powerful characters!

I became a school governor because of my passionate and strong personality. I fall in love with things and form sentimental attachments. I fell in love with Airy Hill when I was 4 years old. Being a governor allows me to make sure Airy Hill and it’s pupils are looked after and that many more people are given the chance to fall in love with it too.